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Are you looking for a vintage Lanz - the myth from Mannheim? With us you will always find a selection of Lanz Bulldog tractors. Both Ackerluft and Eilbulldog, half and full diesel exclusively from the former Heinrich-Lanz-Mannheim-AG. A constantly changing range of different models is available. Even collectors' items or rare model series are always included in our vehicle selection. For each vehicle, we have compiled facts regarding performance, year of manufacture, model as well as helpful information. Our individual videos and photos also give you a comprehensive impression of the overall condition. As a rule, we carry over 20 different models, all of which are presented on our site under vehicle range. Common types include Lanz Bulldog D1616, D2016, D1706, D2206, D2016, D2416, D2816, D2806, D3606, D3506, D7506, D8506, D9506, D1506, D4016, D5006, D6006, D5016, D6016.

What is the condition at purchase?

Unrestored, untouched barn find or one-off restored in detail work - vehicles are available in all conditions. We also make a point of providing papers and documents such as the vehicle registration. When available, the vehicle history is also presented. Many Lanz Bulldogs from our stock are TÜV-certified at the time of sale, just ask us. Depending on the condition of the vehicle, a warranty is also possible.


Delivery of your Bulldog

A delivery by forwarding agency is possible at any time on request. Delivery can be made anywhere in the world. Within Germany, we usually carry out the delivery ourselves. A chat and some shop talk with explanations about your rarity are a matter of course for us.

What a Lanz Bulldog costs

Prices vary greatly depending on the model series and the condition of the vehicle. An inexpensive Lanz can be purchased for a mid-four-figure sum. In the case of a fully restored tractor, detailed information is necessary in advance in order to prepare a comprehensive offer


Good reasons to buy from DerLANZmannheim

  • We offer exclusive workshop service for all vehicles purchased from us
  • With over 30 years of experience, we are a specialist dealer with expert status (surveyor)
  • Over 13,500 accessories and spare parts are available from a single source
  • Direct access to a large selection of immediately available Lanz Bulldogs
  • Vehicle range available online with short video and information

View the vehicle range. Even if you are looking for a specific model, we will be happy to help you source it. Through our international contacts, we have many options. So you can buy a Lanz Bulldog safely and well advised.

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Specialist dealer, spare parts shop and workshop


We have specialised in the sale of Lanz Bulldogs, their restoration, repairs and spare parts. We have gained a lot of experience, more than 30 years to be exact, around the tractors from Mannheim. Under the name "derLANZmannheim" you will find us for 10 years with a sales hall, large spare parts warehouse and our own workshop on site. We are an official licensee! In close cooperation with the John Deere Company, which took over Heinrich Lanz AG in the 1960s, we can offer you a complete service for your Lanz Bulldog. On the following pages you can find out more about our workshop, repair services and our spare parts service in addition to buying and selling. We also restore on behalf of customers!

Note for spare parts search

Via our search box:

  • Search via the original order no. (e.g. 61202a) from the respective Lanz spare parts list.
  • Search via a search term (e.g. V-belt)
  • Search in the groups (e.g. ventilation)
  • Search by type designation: e.g. D1706

Request by e-mail

  • Please describe the part you are looking for in detail (state Lanz order number), possibly send a photo.
  • info@derlanzmannheim.de

Request by phone

We buy your Lanz

We also buy several vehicles or entire collections.

Whether against payment or trade-in when purchasing a vehicle from our ranks.
The collection of your Lanz Bulldog is of course part of our service - please contact us.

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Purchase, Sale, Restoration & Service for Lanz Bulldogs - Lanz Bulldog Spare Parts

Welcome! We have been on site for over 10 years under our name "derLANZmannheim" and have more than 30 years of experience with the restoration of Lanz Bulldog tractors - here we give you an insight into our company. Here you will find Lanz Bulldog tractors, both Lanz Ackerluft and Lanz Eilbulldog, Lanz semi and full diesel only from the former Heinrich Lanz AG - we are an official licensee! In close cooperation with the John Deere Company, which Heinrich Lanz AG took over in the 1960s, we can offer you a complete service for your Lanz Bulldog. Find out about our workshop operation, our repair services and our spare parts service for your Lanz Bulldog. We specialize in Lanz Bulldog tractors and spare parts. We also restore Lanz Bulldog on behalf of our customers, here you will find both used Lanz Bulldog and spare parts for Lanz Bulldog. Lanz Bulldog D1616, Lanz Bulldog D2206, Lanz Bulldog D2016, Lanz Bulldog D2416, Lanz Bulldog D2816, Lanz Bulldog D2806, Lanz Bulldog D3606, Lanz Bulldog D3506, Lanz Bulldog D7506, Lanz Lanz Bulldog D6506, Lanz Bulldog D1506, Lanz Bulldog D4016, Lanz Bulldog D5006, Lanz Bulldog D6006, Lanz Bulldog D5016, Lanz Bulldog D6016. With us you will find thousands selected spare parts for your Lanz Bulldog, your advantage: we use every spare part in our own workshop. Furthermore, we have a large used parts warehouse. In addition, we overhaul on behalf speed governors, oil pumps and many other components for Lanz Bulldog: clutch, flywheel, cylinder, front axle, rear axle, transmission, steering u.a. Get registered for our newsletter, so you will receive up-to-date information about newly arrived Lanz Bulldog spare parts or about newly arrived Lanz Bulldog and our events. Worldwide shipping! Daily shipping! Visit only after prior telephone agreement!

We are official licensee! The LANZ logo and the LANZ and LANZ BULLDOG word marks are trademarks of Deere & Company